So what's Clandesto all about?

A new philosophy in social media

People are getting tired of the perfect lives that traditional social platforms encourage you to display.
This has created a world in which people are afraid or embarrassed to show their real situations or even seek help. We photoshop our selfies to look perfect, we risk our lives for that perfect insta pic from the Grand Canyon and we only post about our high points.
When in reality, we and our lives are far from perfect.

So in this superficial and often toxic environment, Clandesto is like a breath of fresh air.

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Giving you freedom

In a world where social media encourages you to fake a perfect life in order to impress others, Clandesto gives you the opportunity to be yourself.
Honest and perfectly flawed.


Social media in the last years has been constantly encouraging us to expose our lives to the world. And after years of this, more and more people are looking for a place where their lives and opinions can be protected by anonymity.
And Clandesto offers exactly that.
Chat and connect with your friends publicly when you want to, and post and comment anonymously when you feel like it.

No Bubbles

Traditional social media has divided the world by putting everyone in their informational double.
Our algorithms will constantly give you some content that you may not agree with. And this is simply to show our users other points of view and to create a culture of respect for other people's opinions.


Many of our users come to Clandesto to seek help. Especially with those embarrassing problems which you cannot discuss with your mom, publicly on traditional social media.
This is where anonymity plays a crucial role for the user.
No other social platform offers anything close to this awesome tool.


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